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Kevin Rinke knows small businesses are the backbone of the Michigan economy. He believes in small business and individual entrepreneurship - because that’s what drives Michigan forward and provides the most opportunity for Michiganders. Kevin will never allow the government to select winners or losers.

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Progressives and socialists throughout our state and country have waged an all out assault on law enforcement and first responders, undermining their service and sacrifice.

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Governor Whitmer’s disastrous COVID19 response has crippled Michigan’s economy, freedom and way of life for nearly two years. In addition, her flaunting of the rules she dictated, along with her refusal to abide by those rules, crippled her ability to effectively lead the state and jump-start Michigan’s recovery.

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Career politicians are addicted to endless spending and higher taxes. As a result, their policies have led to runaway inflation, which is a stealth tax disproportionately impacting working class families in our state. Gretchen Whitmer has also sought to raise taxes on small businesses, drivers, families and countless others.

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Michigan’s broken public education system is failing our children. Prior to standardized testing being dropped by the Whitmer administration, the state’s math and reading scores were below the national average, ranking 38th.

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Kevin knows the system needs to provide your children opportunities and curriculum that prepare them for life, not to indoctrinate them with politically racially motivated courses like CRT that deny our state and country’s progress and history.

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Like many Michiganders, Kevin knows the 2020 election was rife with administrative problems, leading to a tainted election in the eyes of millions. Every solution to our state and our country’s challenges require faith in fair and secure elections. Kevin believes we need to institute common sense reforms that make it easy to vote and impossible to cheat.

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Kevin is a fearless defender of the 2nd Amendment and a strong supporter of constitutional carry. He knows it is our constitutional right to bear arms and as Governor, Kevin will be a fierce defender of those freedoms from the assault of radical progressives.

Kevin Rinke | Statement of Principles